Sunday, 31 May 2009

New Book

Cookie A is on her way! My fantastic daughter dragged her father into Hatchards on Picadilly to get her for me - oh the hardship. We were looking at waterstones web site earlier on in the week and saw that the aformentioned shop had the book as nowhere local seemed to have it and as Lottie was going to London anyway she said I will ask if we can go there and get it. At this point I should mention that there was probably no dragging required because as a family (even a broken apart family) we all love books so it was probably just another chance to go and buy more anyway. Hopefully not too many more as there are some quite steep stairs at the station and I only just managed to get the wheely case down them on Thursday - let alone get it back up again today! So there will be double excitement when I go to collect her this afternoon.

Plus must try for posh sale later (Allison maybe dinner could be 7.30 as all the good stuff would be gone by then anyway - even 7.15 would do it or perhaps you should start earlier, it often seems to fall wrong for me too!).


Sugar Hippo said...

Failed again! Logged in at 7.15 to try for some laceweight and it had all gone already. i did have a brainwave and look on e-bay and someone is selling 2 posh yarns skeins for £8.99 - although this is only the starting bid. I think i will have more luck there! Glad you got the Cookie A book. Loads more socks for you to get your needles into!!!

Sarah Knits said...

You have to be there at 7pm to get anything and you have to put it in your basket and pay then go back and try again otherwise it is gone by the time you come to pay! It is a bit manic. I think that the yarn on ebay will go to way more than that but keep me posted (it probably cost more than that in the first place). Goodluck!