Thursday, 28 May 2009


I have been keeping up with your blogs girls and I know that some of you have teenage kids - mine is 14 nearly 15 and maybe its because she is an only one or maybe its because she is too much like me but she has really started to get into knitting! We went out on Tuesday to get some things before the dog got back and we couldn't leave him for too long and landed up firstly in Aberkahn in Hanley where I did buy 3 bags of 'fancy yarn' and a large ball of chunky (yes I know that is 31 balls of stash enhancement) but I am knitting a rug on huge 'rocket launcher needles' (as Lottie calls them) - does it count as stash enhancement if you cast on right away?

After that we started to head for home and Lottie said do you want to go to the wool shop in Wolstanton (knowing I did really) as she knows they have fab sock yarn so off we went. Well I couldn't resist some Regia in the easter colourway and another skein of Araucania Ranco. But Lottie bought a whole bag of Rowan all seasons cotton that was on sale (she thought she wanted to do scarves with it but might be persuaded to try something bigger if I can find a pattern she likes). How surprised was I when she said ooh can I get this with my babysitting money? I suppose it helps that her Senior section guide unit all think it is cool to knit as I got them started in September on the Innocent hats project - small enough to finish but fun to do. We shall see if it continues but it is nice to have someone to help lead me astray in the shopping department.

Has the box arrived yet anyone? Keep us posted!


Sugar Hippo said...

I have that Regia in the same colourway - I have found a really unusual pattern in a magazine for it. I'll scan it in & e-mail it to you (I know I'm not supposed to) but I think you'll like it! 31 extra stash balls - impressive!!

Sarah Knits said...

Thank you. Do I feel a sock a long coming on? We could have one more place in the stash hord then!

Working Mom Knits said...

LOVE that Regina - I have it in the same colorway. You will really like the way it knits up.