Saturday, 30 May 2009


As you have seen I bought 3 bats from posh yarn a few weeks ago, and I was checking out this weeks sale (as you know it is major stash enhancement time as I have some catching up to do) and the announcement in the blog is that this week is the last ever bats so I need to make sure I stock up. Actually I have tried to get several along the way but the ones I like always sell first and it seems I have not been quick enough. So I have my eye on some but last time I bought some I then missed out on the yarn I wanted - get yarn or bats first? hmm. Well it has to be the bats doesn't it as they won't be available again and there will be another yarn sale again next week. But I really like some of the lace weight (it is lace knitting time again isn't it) so I will just have to try and be quick and go for both. Looks like it could be beans on toast for a very long time!

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Sugar Hippo said...

You're so right about the lace knitting weather. I've found a lovely pattern but couldn't find any nice yarn when in John Lewis the other day .... might have to drop by Posh Yarns at 7 tomorrow ... it always seems to be dinner time tho. and I can't just sneak away from the table can I ...!?