Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Today's the day!

Thank you to all who have sent me kind wishes and thoughts today! So in the true art of distraction I have scrubbed the kitchen rug and the patio. I have hoovered (nearly) all of the dog hairs up from the kitchen - those who have ever had a Labrador will know what I mean! I have eaten half a family size (extra, extra large) bag of Maltesers - sorry Lottie I know you had your eye on those. I have made goodness knows how many cups of tea and coffee (him indoors is working in his office upstairs today) and I plan to actually hoover the stairs! Yes the stairs! The job guaranteed to upset my back but at least I will feel useful. Any thoughts on other really rubbish jobs I can do today? Ooh maybe I should clean the dining room - or is that a step too far?

I have also taken the photo below to show you the spinning that I have been up to. The finished yarn is the first 'proper' wool that I have spun (I have practised a lot though) but need to practice more. The pink / red bat is a work in progress and I have spun about 40% of that bat. The green is still to do. Will report more later the kettle is calling again!

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